How To Wash A Funny T-shirt

Washing A Funny T-shirt

Well you finally found your ultimate funny t-shirt!  Don’t ruin it by washing it incorrectly!
Here are some tips and tricks on how to wash a funny t-shirt.

At All The Best Funny T-shirts, we are truly devoted fans of funny t-shirts.  We realize how important your favorite t-shirt is to you, so we have put together some helpful tips to keep your funny t-shirt looking good. Not really sure how to wash a funny t-shirt?   No need to look any farther as we have compiled the best tips and tricks to keep your favorite funny t-shirt around a long time.  Feel free to leave any tips and tricks of your own in a post comment!

Washing T-shirts

How To Wash A Graphic T-shirt

How to wash a graphic t-shirt?

How To Wash A Graphic T-shirt
Washing a high quality graphic t-shirt can be a little different than washing one of your Fruit Of The Loom plain white t-shirts!  Sometimes a little special care and instruction will help keep that great looking funny graphic t-shirt looking good much longer than just throwing it into the washing machine with a pair of jeans!

Maybe you have a grey shirt and it has black lettering and you know the black lettering fades when you wash it. Is there any way to prevent that?  Or maybe a funny white t-shirt with some great colored graphics on the front and you don’t want them to fade.  Here is what you can you do to save your favorite funny graphic t-shirt?

  • Not completely but depending on how dirty it is, you can prolong it. Follow these steps when you wash a graphic t-shirt.
  • If you have to machine wash it, turn it inside out when u wash it to prevent the graphics beating against the agitator (the thing in the middle) and use the cold water setting and the GENTLE CYCLE!  Check out our post on Hand Washing your favorite funny T-shirt Here.
  • If its a very high quality graphic t-shirt or a concert t-shirt that cost you a pretty penny that you definitely want to keep around for awhile, there are detergents you can buy that are specifically made to wash a graphic t-shirt that  will help your t-shirt not to  fade or leech (delicates and your favorite graphic t-shirt). They are definitely worth the cost. The most popular is called Woolite.  All your clothes, from everyday jeans, to your favorite t-shirt.  When you need to wash your favorite graphic t-shirt, Use Woolite® to keep them looking like new! 
  • Also, a good idea is to air dry or hand dry your t-shirt.  Your favorite graphic T-shirt can take a beating in the dryer. (more…)
Washing T-shirts

How To Hand Wash Funny T-shirts

How to hand wash Funny T-shirts?

Hand Wash Funny T-shirts
Why would you hand wash funny t-shirts? Maybe you don’t have access to a washing machine and you need to clean smelly, dirty funny T-shirts. Or maybe you have T-shirts that are hand wash only as they are too delicate for the washing machine.

  • Read the garment label for specific product recommendations. Then choose the appropriate detergent. If no care label exists, choose a mild detergent or dish washing liquid to hand wash funny t-shirt.
  • Fill a small tub or sink with water at the temperature recommended on the care label. If no care label exists, choose cool to lukewarm water. Add about a teaspoon of detergent. You may need more detergent if you are hand-washing multiple funny t-shirts.
  • Submerge the t-shirts in the soapy water and soak. Use gentle movements to swish the item through the sudsy water. Avoid scrubbing or twisting actions that can stretch or damage the fabric. Gently swish the garment through the sudsy water until the funny t-shirts are clean.
  • Drain the sink or tub, and refill it with cool rinse water. Push the t-shirts up and down in the water until all soap is removed. If you’re unsure, sniff the funny t-shirts to make sure it is no longer scented. Repeat the process with clean water if necessary. (more…)
Washing T-shirts

How To Wash Your White Funny T-shirts

How to wash white T-shirts?

How to wash your white funny t-shirts
What if I don’t want my funny t-shirt  to shrink or stretch? I know you wash them in cold water but does the detergent matter? Can I use the cheap stuff or should I pick up some Tide Cold water?

  • Wash your t-shirts with a good quality detergent and always on their own. Don’t mix your funny t-shirts with other colored items. If you can find an oxy action detergent  it will do a great job of keeping them bright and stain free.This next piece of advice works wonders but you only need to do it every month or so. Prevents yellowing and greying. There is a something you can buy ( at least here in Australia) called liquid Bluo. You add it to the rinse water and mix it in well THEN add your white t-shirts. It is a dark deep blue and when you add it to the rinse water, it keeps your whites SUPER white. It is a really great laundry product to have around, but take care, don’t splash it or you will stain your clothes.  Brilliant white T shirts I promise! (more…)