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How To Shrink A Funny T-shirt

How to shrink a funny t-shirt?

shrink a funny t-shirt
To shrink a funny t-shirt is a little bit different than something you usually are use to doing!  Sometimes a little special care and instruction will help keep that great looking funny  t-shirt looking good and feeling good much longer with some of these great tips in How to shrink a funny t-shirt!

Maybe you have a awesome t-shirt you bought at a concert or ordered online and you and everyone else loved it.  You put it on, and low and behold, it’s a little too big.   What can you do?  Here’s how to shrink a funny t-shirt.

  •   The easiest way to shrink a t-shirt (cotton) is to obviously wash it in hot water and dry it in a hot dryer.  Remember, the more heat, the more shrinkage!
    So, you tried to shrink a funny t-shirt and it didn’t work out or it’s as shrunk as it’s gonna get. Here is something else you can try if shrinking isn’t enough or out of the question:
  • Turn your new funny t-shirt inside-out and lay on the floor.
  • Lay your t-shirt that fits you well on top of it.
  • Pin the outline of the fitted shirt on the new teeshirt. Make sure that the design of the teeshirt is even.
  • Sew where you pinned. Keep in mind that you might have to move or re-do the sleeves, because they might have shifted.If you are not good at sewing and you absolutely love this t-shirt and have to have it, you can always have it altered professionally (a lot of dry cleaning places also alter clothes, and they do it pretty cheaply and do a bang up job).

Try out these other great tips to keep your funny t-shirts looking great.  Learn how to correctly Wash your graphic t-shirt or stretch your funny t-shirt!

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