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How To Hand Wash Funny T-shirts

How to hand wash Funny T-shirts?

Hand Wash Funny T-shirts
Why would you hand wash funny t-shirts? Maybe you don’t have access to a washing machine and you need to clean smelly, dirty funny T-shirts. Or maybe you have T-shirts that are hand wash only as they are too delicate for the washing machine.

  • Read the garment label for specific product recommendations. Then choose the appropriate detergent. If no care label exists, choose a mild detergent or dish washing liquid to hand wash funny t-shirt.
  • Fill a small tub or sink with water at the temperature recommended on the care label. If no care label exists, choose cool to lukewarm water. Add about a teaspoon of detergent. You may need more detergent if you are hand-washing multiple funny t-shirts.
  • Submerge the t-shirts in the soapy water and soak. Use gentle movements to swish the item through the sudsy water. Avoid scrubbing or twisting actions that can stretch or damage the fabric. Gently swish the garment through the sudsy water until the funny t-shirts are clean.
  • Drain the sink or tub, and refill it with cool rinse water. Push the t-shirts up and down in the water until all soap is removed. If you’re unsure, sniff the funny t-shirts to make sure it is no longer scented. Repeat the process with clean water if necessary.

    How to Dry Hand-Washed Funny T-shirts

  • Gently squeeze the excess water from the T-shirt. Do not twist or wring the item as it may stretch the fibers and ruin the fabric.
  • On a flat surface, lay out a clean, dry white bath towel that has been laundered several times to remove lint. Lay the just-washed garment on the towel, patting it into shape. Roll up the towel, encasing the funny t-shirt in the towel. Gently press on the rolled-up towel to encourage water absorption. Repeat with another clean, dry towel if the first one becomes saturated.
  • Follow the t-shirt’s label directions for reshaping and drying. If no care label exists, lay the washed garment on a clean, dry white towel spread over a flat surface that is moisture-resistant. Flip the funny t-shirt over periodically, and replace the damp towel with a dry one as needed. If the dry garment is wrinkled, check the care label for appropriate ironing temperature, and if necessary, press the garment gently to finish. If no care label exists, test in an inconspicuous area before pressing.

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