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How To Wash Your White Funny T-shirts

How to wash white T-shirts?

How to wash your white funny t-shirts
What if I don’t want my funny t-shirt  to shrink or stretch? I know you wash them in cold water but does the detergent matter? Can I use the cheap stuff or should I pick up some Tide Cold water?

  • Wash your t-shirts with a good quality detergent and always on their own. Don’t mix your funny t-shirts with other colored items. If you can find an oxy action detergent  it will do a great job of keeping them bright and stain free.This next piece of advice works wonders but you only need to do it every month or so. Prevents yellowing and greying. There is a something you can buy ( at least here in Australia) called liquid Bluo. You add it to the rinse water and mix it in well THEN add your white t-shirts. It is a dark deep blue and when you add it to the rinse water, it keeps your whites SUPER white. It is a really great laundry product to have around, but take care, don’t splash it or you will stain your clothes.  Brilliant white T shirts I promise!
  • If you can, air dry your funny t-shirts. Dont use a clothes drier! If you dont have a clothesline outside, then use a a folding clothes horse inside where they can dry in the air naturally. Your  t-shirts wont shrink or change shape this way.
  • Check the label to see what fabric your funny t-shirt  is made of.  What temperature to wash on and how to dry it. Cotton is likely to shrink, but not like you see on the tv, it shouldn’t shrink too much. The best thing is to wash on a hot wash. If it is stained you can soak it in a mild bleach solution one part bleach to 9 parts part water. To keep it looking nice an white, use a decent biological detergent and a scoop of oxy bleach. They are usually sold in the laundry isle of your grocery store.
  • I dont buy the expensive detergent, but i do get good softener and i think that makes a difference. Also, if you are worried about your funny t-shirt shrinking, don’t use the high heat setting on the dryer.
  • Your best bet would to be wash your t-shirts in a “warm” setting with, depending on the size of your load, about a 1/2 cup of bleach. Bleach is bleach so it doesn’t matter if you use generic or brand name. The result will be the same, nice white t-shirts.

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